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We are a Chinese online gaming company with customers all over the world. To make our customer support more professional and to increase customer satisfaction, we decided to work with an outsourcing partner for CS.

adish International was recommended to us by one of our corporate partners, and now we've been working with them for a year. During that year they've helped improve our Average Time to First Response from 4 hours to 50 minutes, and our customer satisfaction grew to 8.2. They also gave tremendously helpful recommendations on Complaint Management, labelling, and templates. Loads of thanks to the adish International team, and we would be very happy to recommend adish International to other companies who are looking for an outsourcing partner.

Maggie Ma

Webgame Operation Department, CS Manager

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is a passionate team of customer support professionals from Adish Co. Ltd.

More than 24+ Diverse Teams of Customer Support Experts based in Japan and the Philippines

Experienced in Using More Than 10 Different HelpDesk Softwares and The Top 3 Customer Support Channels: Email, Forum and Social Media

Works with 600+ Small to Mid-Sized Gaming Companies Ready to Take the iOS and Android and Web Game Markets By Storm

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