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[Free White Paper To Be Given Away at the GDC 2014] Gain Insight on Asia’s Mobile Gaming Market

In attempt to understand and analyze the recent successes of the Asian mobile gaming market, we at GaiaX are releasing a White Paper that takes an in-depth look at the several contributing factors of that success.

Don’t want your game falling face first like Flappy Bird controlled by a coordination-challenged five year old? We have info that can help you maneuver through the Asian mobile gaming landscape.

This White Paper will also analyze the top three mobile gaming markets in Asia, namely Japan, South Korea and China, and pinpoint the differences of each market in comparison to the Western mobile gaming market.

Here are some key points from our White Paper on the growing Asian mobile game market:

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10 kinds of Gacha system that monetize your F2P game with higher in-app purchase rate

Free to Play


Almost 100% of top ranking games in Japan use Gacha to get high IAP rate

If you are developing F2P (Free to Play) game, have you ever wondered how to monetize your game?

There are already many solutions offered, such as advertisements or online casino, but of course, there’s no fixed solution yet to succeed in the F2P gaming business, so the best way to always try out new strategies and see if it works.

In this article, I want to introduce how game app developers earn high IAP rate for their F2P games in Japan, where the F2P market is most advanced.

You might have already heard about the Gacha system. If you play the famous puzzle-RPG game, Puzzle and Dragons, then you must be aware of this strategy. Most of the games in Japan are using this to promote in-app purchases, but do you know that there are several types of Gacha?

I would like the quote the article from GrowthApp, which is owned by SIROK,Inc. that introduce trend marketing analysis in Japan.

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[Infographic] 5 Kinds of Player Feedback for Your Free to Play Game

How often do you check player’s feedback online? Which site do you usually check, facebook, twitter and that’s all?

Here is our research for 10 free to play game for both top-ranked games and indie games to find out what kind of feedback players post online and 10 sites we recommend you to always check.

To Reply Or Not To Reply: A Research About Game Dev’s Reply Habits

What is the profile of games that don’t provide customer support?

There are no precise indicators for assessing why some game developers do not respond to e-mail inquiries, but looking at some of the factors surrounding the game developer & the game could provide a glimpse on why they did not respond.

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E-mail Customer Support Responses: Be Casual Or Stay Formal?

In e-mail customer support, it is important to take note of the tone of the reply e-mail. The tone of the email shows how important the players are for the developer. When a game developer places high importance on its players, it would naturally aim to provide a better user experience (even in support).

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