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10 Customer Support Tools For Mobile Games

Providing support for mobile games isn’t easy. Here are 10 tools that can make you life easier.

Knowledge Base Tools


Helpjuice knowledgebase tool

Eye-catching feature: Reports that allow you to see which parts of knowledge base are performing poorly, which allows you to revise FAQ’s accordingly to reduce tickets
Pricing: $249 per month

Go MoxieMoxie Knowledgebase Tool

Eye-catching feature: End users can search and read in any language they want, so even your multilingual users can check your FAQ before sending a ticket
Pricing: –

NanorepNanorep Customer Support Tool

Eye-catching feature: Intuitive interface automatically navigates customers to logical next step or “rechannels” users to the most cost effective live support channel. This is most important for the free-to-play model, where one of the biggest challenges is keeping your user inside the app.
Pricing: $490/$1,190/$2,490 per month

Desk’s Self-service Support

Desk self-service customer support tool

Eye-catching feature: Content rating and custom branding allows users to retain the feel of their brand, which will help in branding and reminding the user to go back to playing the mobile game
Pricing: $30/$60/$90/$135 per month.

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction Customer Support Tool

Eye-catching feature: Developers can engage with users in a question and answer method to create a collaborative knowledge base for games.
Pricing: –

In-app customer support tools


Pricing: $16/$25/$40/$70

Freshdesk's Mobihelp In-app Customer Support Tool


Pricing: $150/$290

Helpshift In-app Customer Support Tool

Eye-catching feature: Specializes in in-app support. Both Helpshift and Mobihelp can keep your player from leaving your mobile game app.

Note: For a better comparison of in-app support tools, you can view a comparison between helpshift and freshdesk.

General customer support tools

Happy FoxHappyfox Mobile Customer Support Tool

Eye-catching feature: Allows rules as standards for escalation, so your engineers and developers are always updated about the biggest bugs and issues in the game.
Pricing: $29 per staff/month

User voiceUservoice Customer Support Tool

Eye-catching feature: “Humane” canned responses, easy to set-up template responses for faster support. You can make your gaming support human and quick at the same time.
Pricing: $15/$45/$85 per month

SupportBeeSupportbee Customer Support Tool

Eye-catching feature: ‘Just like email’ feature allows reply emails to look like they came straight from Gmail, including inline images, styling, and links. Helpful for teams who are transitioning from using actual Gmail or email for support into using a support tool.
Pricing: $29/$69/$149/$249

Do you have any good customer support tools that work great for mobile game support? Share your thoughts and findings in the comments for other game developers out there!

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