10 Most Popular Posts of 2014 From Mobile Game Hive

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With a new year of mobile gaming ahead, let’s look at the top 10 most popular news on mobile gaming from Mobile Game Hive for 2014:

1. Top 5 Mobile Games China, Korea, Japan

2. Top 3 Mobile Game Trends in China

3. 10 kinds of Gacha system that monetize your F2P game with higher in-app purchase rate

4. Exclusive Interview with Renren Games

5. Pre-registration: The latest mobile game promotion trend in Japan

6. Interview with Music Producer Nash Music Library

7. 5 Kick Ass Ways Mobile Gaming is Redefining Gaming

8. Top 4 Trends in Korea Mobile Game Industry

9. Interview with FunPlus on Impact of Live Events and Player Feedback

10. China’s Tencent is Number One in Booming Chinese Mobile Game Market