7 Kinds of Customers in Social Media Marketing for Businesses


The Who’s Who of Social Media Marketing For Businesses

The most important target customers are small to medium businesses with products and services to sell to consumers, but don’t have the budget of a multinational corporation. The most cost-effective means of marketing for them other than word of mouth is social media marketing – which is the new word of mouth.

We can help them break through the noise of social media by humanizing their brand and joining consumer conversations to gain their interest, loyalty, and trust.

The key decision makers are the business owners themselves. But let me break down, in categories, the people who can help us reach these decision makers.


The COO 

Child of owner. The unica hijo or hija who was given the opportunity to take over their parent’s business/or to create a business using their parent’s money. Therefore, it is the decision of the “board of directors” a.k.a their parents on how they are going to use it.

The Family Business 

Small businesses run by family members for generations. They’ve never expanded or remodeled their place. They rely on small local communities to keep them alive.

The Overly Entitled Marketing Manager

The one who feels he is owner of the business. The ex-advertising executive who has “been there, done that.” Knows “everything” about advertising, and therefore, social media. The person who is looking for something we can do that he can’t.

The Jaded 

The best who got broken. The really nice and optimistic owners or marketing officers who have hired freelance social media managers, or other online and advertising services but got burned by them in the end. They tried, they failed, and they’re scared of spending their money on anything they don’t fully understand ever again.

The Deal-breaker 

The ones who broke our hearts. The ex-clients who decided not to renew your contract because of “reasons beyond their control.” The ones who kept you waiting in the wings after they “see things through with their new direction.” The ones who came crawling back because they not so secretly hated their relationship with their new supplier. And the sad truth is, the reason why they decided not to renew is because they never fought for you or saw your real worth.

The One That Got Away 

The contact person who loved your sales pitch and asked if you could start right away only because they were planning on leaving the company right away too. To make them feel better about the legacy that they’re going to leave behind, they turn you over to subordinates who have never met you or replied to your emails. And that’s when you know you’ve lost them.

The Financially Unstable 

The prospect client who doesn’t tell you they’re going bankrupt and signs a contract with you anyway.

About the author:

Isab is a Marketing and Account Executive for Adish International. Check out her work on social media marketing and online community management for restaurants on Outrageous Online Management, commonly known as OOMPH! You can also check out OOMPH’s Facebook page to see how they handle online space for restaurateurs.

About Isabella Velasquez

Isab is a Marketing and Account Executive for Adish International. What her title doesn't say is that she spends her time geeking out about food, jazz, and social media.

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  1. Nice! 😉 Challenge is to understand their pains, and to turn the core pains into a service offering they are willing to pay for. 😉

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