Social Media Customer Support in Asia

A Game Dev’s Guide: Customer Support Channels in Asia

Social Media Customer Support in Asia

For customer support and community managers, have you ever wondered what kind of support channels Asian consumers use?


In terms of contact means, people over in China prefer picking up the phone and dialing up customer support over sending an email. This is because they prefer the speed of instantaneous answers that phone call support provides, and there’s a lesser chance of miscommunication between the two parties.

Fixed phone lines are becoming luxuries in the digital age, and that a phone line signifies the stability and trustworthiness of a business.

In terms of support via social media, the Chinese use various micro-blogging platforms that serve as counterparts to the West’s Facebook (which is banned in the country). Businesses can also use popular chat messaging apps such as QQ and WeChat.


If you want to contact people in Korea, you do it through blogs and open social communities like Naver Cafe, Daum Cafe, and a Nate community called Pann.

Small-medium sized businesses can also use instant messaging as a customer support platform. Free apps such as KakaoTalk,  Naver Line, and Nate On are widely used in the country. NateOn has even surpassed the number of MSN messenger users.


In Japan, messaging is the way to go, but not in the way that we’re accustomed to.

Every phone sold in Japan comes with an email address that users create when they buy the phone/sign a contract with a local service provider.

If you’re looking to establish contact points in Japan for a business, email is the way to do it. It’s what most people use as a means of communication, and that’s the channel where customer support arms will have the most reach and will be the most accessible for your community.

Successful support will depend on various factors, least of which is getting your channels right and making it easier for your community to reach you. Good research is key, as well as surveying the game devs who have come before you. Check which channels 150 game devs in Japan, China, and Korea are using by downloading free whitepaper about social media and support in Asia.

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