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Covey’s 90-10 Principle and Outsource Support

outsource support

Picture this.

Your support team is swamped and the queue is blowing up.They’re averaging at 300 tickets per day, and that’s on a slow day. There’s a mountain of backlog waiting for your engineers and developers, almost as high as the backlog of customers waiting to get their problems fixed.

So you outsource your support team. You hire a company at the cheapest price, congratulating yourself for knocking down a few more figures off the final bill. Now you’ve got other people problematizing support for you, and were able to save money at the same time.

Great, right? But now you have a new problem, and you’re not sure it’s one you can fix: Your outsource support team sucks.

Is there a way out of this mess?

Yes, said Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

It’s all in your attitude towards the situation that you have. According to Covey’s 90/10 principle, 90% of events happen because of your reaction and attitude towards an event, and only a measly 10% actually depends on the actual event.

If you end up with a cheap but ineffective support team that only makes your customers quit your business or brand, you can keep ignoring the quality issue (and we’ve all encountered companies who don’t seem to care about the quality of their support) in favor of the money you think you keep saving, or take steps toward shaping up your support into something that will win you customer loyalty from your community.

It’s going to be hard, and sometimes companies have to start from scratch and look for a better partner that won’t offer cheap for crappy service.

But if you absolutely – for whatever reason, and let’s call this your unavoidable 10% – cannot switch outsourcing partners, here’s how you can make things better:

> Train for a competent supervisor for your outsource team. This cannot be stressed enough. Leaders dictate the standards of the team, they are ones the team emulates and looks up to.  So look at your current outsource support team supervisor.

> Give your team a crash course on empathy. If there’s anyone on your outsource support team who does not show the capability to be empathetic towards your customers, cut them loose. You need people who care about your customers.

> For the love of good customer support, check your email templates. While you absolutely should use templates so you can reply to all your customers on time, there are right and wrong ways of using templates. Do some research, and don’t be afraid to try out what works for your audience.

Those are only a few things you can do to turn your situation around, if you absolutely have to outsource.

If you’ve got more questions about outsourcing support teams, then you can leave them in the comments, or get in touch directly with us at teamf2psupport.

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