How To Insert A Little Humor In Customer Support

[Infographic] How to insert humor in your email support

Humour in customer supportA little wit and a little laugh goes a long way in support.

In the past we talked about how robotic email support replies are not doing anything for your game. If anything, it only alienates your customers more and makes them feel like you’re not taking their problems and inquiries seriously.

We found another way to make your customer support reply more personable, and that’s this: 

Now, it is going to be hard to find the right balance between maintaining professionalism and still being able to give your replies a personable touch.

On one hand, you wouldn’t want to spend the whole day seeming like a friend writing to each and every one of your customers. If you had a couple dozen, why not?

But when your customers number in the thousands, like for free-to-play games, focusing too much on being personable and warm takes away valuable time that developers need to actually make games.

On the other hand, research says for a fact that robotic replies do not help in creating a positive experience for your customer and your brand.

This is where a little wit goes a long way. Customers like brands who aren’t afraid to be a little light-hearted, and if humour is so effective that it can be used to sell, it should do wonders for a company’s support, too.

Here are tips from Beta TwentyOne on how to inject a little humour into customer support, whether you’re using outsource support or an inhouse team, especially if social media is the chosen support channel.

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