Video Game Support Hotseat: 3DDUO

Video Game Support Hotseat: 3DDUO

Interview on Customer Support with Video Game Developer 3DDUO
Interview on Customer Support with Video Game Developer 3DDUO

Game developer 3DDUO Q&A on their player support experiences

3DDUO is a video game developer based out of France. Some of their games can be found on platform Fun4Family.

CEO Maxence Devoghelaere sat down with us to talk about their team’s support goals, processes, and difficulties.

Maxence Devoghelaere, CEO of 3DDUO
Maxence Devoghelaere, CEO of 3DDUO

Why is support important to you and what is your end goal for support?

Support is important for many reasons, but we focus on the importance it has for maintaining the relationship between the developers and the players.

Can you tell us a little about your support team? Who handles the tickets and how are they handled?

We have a 2-person support team. When we receive a complaint it usually goes two ways, the team either responds to the player directly, or if we can’t, they transfer the problem to the lead developer.

What is your ideal and actual response time?

Ideally of course we want to reply as soon as possible. Realistically, it takes an average of 2-3 hours, and the maximum time we’ve ever had before replying was 3 days.

Which channel do you use for video game support?

Players can contact us through the webform on our site, or through the F4F (Fun4Family) page.

What’s the hardest part of customer support for your team?

The hardest part is finding a solution to a problem that we don’t know how to reproduce! Players, sometimes, they’re not very clear about the problem they’re experiencing, they don’t provide the information we need to solve the problem they’re experiencing.

The thing about that is, players easily lose their patience when you ask them for more information, but the engineer team needs that information to fix the problem.

How do you motivate your video game support team to do a job that’s not exactly the most interesting part of the game development process?

With our team it’s not too difficult to motivate. We’re a small company, with around 20-25 members, and each member has many different tasks. The two people who handle support don’t do support full time, so it’s not too difficult to motivate them through it.

One of the things we do though is talk to them about their irreplaceable role in maintaining the relationship between us and players.

You can check 3DDUO out at their website or follow them on Twitter.

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