Nyx Digital Customer Support Interview

Video Game Support Hotseat: Nyx Digital

Interview with game and software developer Nyx Digital on handling gaming support.

Nyx Digital is a game and app developer as well as provider of digital marketing.

Senior Account Manager Aiste Salamachiniene shares Nyx Digital’s goals and processes for customer support.

Above: Nyx Digital

Why is support important to you?

The main reason of course is because of the users. We don’t look after them, they leave. Support is often the first point of contact for the company, so it’s a paramount point for us.

The goal is to solve every problem.

How do you handle coordination between your customer support team and other teams who fix support issues (like your engineering/development team)?

We have a very close working relationship in the office. We have meetings if there’s a big problem that needs addressed. We coordinate with outside devs and designers using Skype and phone calls to keep them in the feedback loop.

What channels do you use for support?

We use various channels for support. Social media, in-app, email, or via the website. It depends on the scale of the product we’re talking about. Of course we have to look out for change. Channels change, we need to keep up to know where our players go for support.

What are your metrics for measuring effective customer support?

We usually look at regular feedback and reports. We analyze the number of feedback received, the number of tickets successfully sorted or replied to. App store ratings are also very important.

We also directly ask users if they’re satisfied with our support. We try to get in touch and show them that we do want to communicate.

How do you deal with high volume of issues/tickets? (also, what would your definition be of “high number of tickets”?)

Usually, a high number of tickets would be because of a crashing issue, or in-app failure. When we get high ticket levels we get feedback from users then use what we’ve learned to come up with a plan to tackle issues there and then.

Of course it takes time to make changes, so what we try to do in the meantime is reassure users that we are working on things and apologize. We don’t give empty promises and let them know about reasonable time scales.

Particularly difficult cases are changes we have to apply to Apple’s App Store, because whether those changes or not will be approved will depend on their review. We have to sit in queues waiting for the review.

It usually takes us a week and a half from start to the end to address an urgent issue in the game.

What, in your team’s experience, has been the hardest to deal with when it comes to customer support?

It’s hard when users ask for something that’s impossible and provide out of scale feedback. We still try to communicate, though. We explain our side, how things look like from our point of view, and tell them that we still have heard their opinions, and we still try to consider as many requests as we can.

Still, people have different minds, different tempers. As a member of the support team you have to be calm, a good listener, and understanding enough to know where users are coming from.

When people come to you with a query – no matter how angry or upset they are – they want to be listened to. Understand that, and half of your job as support is done.

How do you make sure that your agents are providing quality game support?

Well, one of the things we do is have merits on board form, like “most into project”, or “most into issue”. We have fun: parties, lunches out. We encourage success and reward it with moving up in the company, and make sure that team members know that the company wants them to succeed.

Bottomline I guess is when you work for Nyx, it’s like a family. Everyone wants to the company to succeed, and it’s rewarding to know that you’re a part of that.

You can check Nyx Digital out at their website or follow them on Twitter.

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