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Why adish International?

We only get the skilled game moderators to manage your forums and social media, 24×7.

Whether you’re looking into hiring more game moderators to keep your forums alive, or just starting to build your social media fanbase on Facebook and Twitter with Buzzfeed-like content, we got the game moderators just for you. Our game moderators can cover 24×7 or just your off-hours to create content, moderate feedback, and report findings about your official communities, and help you keep your players environment safe and constantly engaging.

Because of the weekly reports, we are able to save up time and resources we use to allot for community management. All the feedback found in various channels (e.g app store review site, social media, forums) are effectively segregated according to categories, and this eliminates the redundancy usually found in a lot of feedback posted online. We didn’t have to go through what is basically the same thought in a lot of feedback. The reports can be easily shared with any relevant department, after all, all the data is right there in the report!

Kenneth Ryu

VP, Operations

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Our Experience, Your Success

Our experienced game moderators are masters in the art of keeping your online community alive.

Witty and relatable copywriting

Work with our seasoned in-house content and copywriters making your content, like-able, shareable, and buzz-worthy among your online community. Get more app-installs through word of mouth, because your page is so hilarious and cool your players can’t stop talking about it in your official forums, and social media accounts.

Quick and personal replies

Our experienced game moderators are available 24×7 can monitor and respond to your players’ questions and concerns (e.g bug issues,) like a boss in real-time (which actually comes in handy during your off-hours). In short, we’ll keep your forums and pages alive, no matter what time zone or language your most active community use.

Simple but comprehensive reports

With simple, easy to understand and actionable reports sent to you every week, we make sure that your social media strategy reels in more players , as our moderation team keeps them hooked on your content.

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